Self Care

The term self-care can be used to mean many different things.  For our purposes, self care is simply care of the self.  The self has the aspects of body, mind, spirit, and relating to self, God and others.  We will have posts on all of these topics.  These aspects are all part of our lives and therefore areas over which we are called to be good stewards.

After having thoroughly processed traumas and with the tool of externalized dialogue, you are able to take a truly proactive approach to your own development.  Those talents with which the Lord has endowed you are His gifts to you and through you to the world.  Self-actualization and self-development do not have to be a one way ticket to self-consumption.  For those living a life of self-gift, the care of self that is necessary for growth is good stewardship of God’s gift.  God not only gives talents and material provision to us, but He gives us to us – me to me and you to you.  To the extent that we cherish the gift of self and care for that gift we have a more fully developed gift of self to give back to Him and to the others in our lives.

One response

20 03 2012

I appreciate your thoughts on this topic, Margaret. I’ve seen how investment in self-care changes after effective trauma treatment. Thanks for all you do.

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