Freedom For Life

The world that opens up to people after treatment of trauma through the ITR model is one of freedom.  The time of living in survival mode is over.  Now is the time to thrive.  The many different aspects of life unfold before us to be approached with mind and heart renewed.

The old ways of thinking about ourselves and the world are gone.  We now see ourselves in the light of truth.  What we chose to do with this growth is up to us.  Let’s water it and fertilize it and prune it.  We did not come by it cheaply.  It cost time, money, energy, and most costly was the hope we invested in the healing process.  We are free from the past, free in the present and free for the future to live a life of loving relationship with self, God and others.  Let’s make the most of that freedom and grow into the fullness of who God created us to be.

God only gave the world one Jesus to bring the gifts of love and salvation.  God only gave the world one you.  What gifts is He sending to the world through you?

Have you thought about this?

Have you considered what stands in your way of living in a way that will allow you to fully and freely receive God as He pours into you so that He can pour through you to this world so desperate for healing and hope?

I encourage you to consider, in this new year, how to more fully dispose yourself to receive more of the fullness of God.

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